Winnipeg Modern - A Part of Our Heritage

Heritage Winnipeg's 6th annual fundraising luncheon was held at the historic Fort Garry Hotel in the Provencher Room on March 30th and was a great success! The event was well attended by the heritage and business community to enjoy a great lunch with a presentation on Winnipeg Modern Architecture.  We would like to thank the keynote speaker - University of Manitoba, Faculty Architecture Prof. Herbert Enns for his very insightful and interesting presentation.  In addition, Garry Hilderman FUFG Board Member, gave a brief update on the historic Upper Fort Garry Project. 

Heritage Winnipeg would like to thank the Fort Garry Hotel as our host and sponsor of the event and in addition to Rae and Jerry's restaurant for their donation.  The fabulous raffle prize was won by architect Wins Bridgman.  A big thank you to the fundraising committee for all their hard work, and a special thanks to the City of Winnipeg for their support.  

Winnipeg Modern books are available at the HW office for $49.99 taxes included.

Emcee Celine Kear

Minister Marcelino

Councillor Brian Mayes

Garry Hilderman

Michel Legace - Grace

Patrons at event

Herbert Enns - Presenter

Wins Bridgman - Raffle Winner

Stacy Dyck - Committee Member

Spring Fundraising Luncheon: Winnipeg Modern- A Part of Our Heritage

Friday, March 30, 2012 noon – 1:30pm, Fort Garry Hotel, Provencher room Tickets are now available for purchase at HW office. $ 65.00 for members and $ 70.00 for non-members (tax deductible receipt provided).

Come and join us to support the work that we do at Heritage Winnipeg. Enjoy a hot lunch and get to know more about Winnipeg’s Modern Architecture with a presentation by Herbert Enns. He is a professor of Architecture at University of Manitoba. Click here to see the invitation.



Historic Home Fundraiser A Great Success!

Heritage Winnipeg was very pleased to hold our annual fall fundraiser at the Moss/Kantor House. The evening was a great success!


President: Penny McMilan (centre)


Celine Kear





A special thank you to the owner of Moss/Kantor House for allowing us to hold our event there.


Many thanks to Storm Catering for the wonderful food,  Stephanie Ballard’s Landscape Dancing and her dancers from Drive Dance Company and piano player Bert Johnson for the entertainment.  Also our tour guides Megan Wells, Celine Kear and Herbert Stewart.

Thank you to everyone who attended this evening and supported Heritage Winnipeg.


Heritage Winnipeg would like to thank Alpha Masonry Ltd., for their generous sponsorship of this event and their support of Heritage Winnipeg.

Alpha Masonry Ltd. is involved in construction, restoration and repair. They have been operating in Winnipeg since 1960. Over the years, they have been involved in many heritage projects.


Heritage Winnipeg products available online!

Heritage Winnipeg is proud to announce that we are now offering our products in our online store.
Visit the online store to browse Streetcar '356' t-shirts, our historic map of Winnipeg, and Randy Rostecki's history of Armstrong's Point.

Also, check out Robert Sweeney's sketches in our online store.

Robert Sweeney's Sketches available for purchase!

Our website is debuting Robert Sweeney’s sketches online.
Robert Sweeney is a local artist and designer who has for 30 years been sketching many wonderful pictures of historical and architectural landmarks of Winnipeg. His work brings to life the bygone days of the city and shows it in its best light. He recently launched a book of his sketches, Portraits of Winnipeg: The River City in Pen and Ink.

Visitors to the online store will be able to order prints of Sweeney’s sketches in various sizes and formats. Part of the proceeds will go to Heritage Winnipeg.
Check out Mr. Sweeney’s sketches at:

Heritage Auction

• Held in the historic Armstrong's Point in 1997, a residential area with a vast history - tour of the home and auctions held in order to educate, entertain and bring and awareness of our organization and to help raise much needed funds and to become an annual event;
• Attend various Heritage Open Houses at different site locations across the city to help educate the public about our organization and its instrumental role in heritage preservation;
• Network with many organizations within the city to help assist in any possible;
• Fundraising - in the past this has included things such as Heritage Winnipeg mugs, Years Past Books, and possible future ideas are currently in the works;
Maintaining a membership which includes - Individuals, organizational/family, students/seniors and Corporate.

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